There's never been a more crucial time to support your favourite artists by buying a physical copy of their CD. Thanks to everyone who has already bought this, but if you have streamed it and enjoyed it, or are looking for a direct way to support us in these uncertain times, please pick up our album today!
Released on June 28th 2019, "An Evening With Nancy Kerr & James Fagan" is the first LIVE album in the duo's career of over 2 decades. Recorded over two live shows, it perfectly captures the energy and spark that make Kerr Fagan such a riveting prospect as a live act. High-end production values ensure that the sound clarity is outstanding. With a mix of old favourites and never before recorded songs, there's something on this album to please old and new fans alike.
"Superbly executed... beautifully recorded, enlightened arrangements." fRoots. "Nancy's fiddle playing is dazzling... James's songs excellent." Living Tradition. "A perfect snapshot. One of folk's most enduring and talented acts in their natural habitat... at the top of their game." Folk Radio UK. "Performed with the unique blend of precision and passion that makes them such a captivating live act." Tykes News.

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